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Tiptoe Travel – Walk the Earth Without Leaving a Footprint

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Through our shared experience, we have seen both the benefits and the dangers of our globalised world, where travel has become accessible for the masses. We want people to continue exploring our beautiful continent but we want people to do it consciously, being aware of local people, local environments and most importantly the impact that mass tourism is having on our world. We want to give people the chance to connect with the locals, understand the current issues facing the country in question at the same time as enjoying the beautiful landscapes and learning how to travel without leaving a footprint. How we achieve our goal:

Our tours always begin with a language lesson so you have the basic skills to be able to communicate with the local people.


We choose to include eco-friendly activities such as hiking, kayaking and cycling to help our travellers engage with local nature.


We introduce you to local cuisine by organising dinners in local restaurants, taking part in wine tasting and cooking lessons and taking trips to local markets.


We choose to use local hotels, restaurants and small businesses to ensure our tours are sustainable for local economies.

Day Trips

Can Berlin retain its status as a ‘poor but sexy’ city? With Mediaspree developing in full force and masses of tourists flocking to the city to experience its famous night life, Berlin is becoming a Disneyland of alternative culture…

Revolutions have shaped the world we live in today; social, political, scientific and sexual revolutions are what define the world we live in. Revolutions can bring about positive change or destroy human progress and lead to…


Travel brought our team together. Lorna and Anne met whilst training as European tour managers and bonded in their home city of Berlin. Nebras joined our team as a talented web designer.


Lorna Cannon

Lorna was born and raised in the UK but moved to continental Europe as a teenager to study and work in …. Read more

Anne Bandelier

Originally from Switzerland, Anne moved away from quiet, neutral Switzerland in 2007 to discover… Read more

Nebras Othman

IT Manager
Born and raised in a city just outside of Damascus, Nebras arrived in Europe in 2014 and began a new life in Germany. He is a talented web developer and a tour guide in Berlin.

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