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January 31, 2018


Where to find us



24 February at 11:00 am

25 February at 11:00 am


ca. 3 hours

How many

17 people Max


15€ per person

Can Berlin retain its status as a ‘poor but sexy’ city? With Mediaspree developing in full force, real estate developers capitalising on anti-capitalist street art and masses of tourists flocking to the city to experience its famous nightlife, Berlin is becoming a Disneyland of alternative culture. This walking tour takes you through Kreuzberg into Friedrichshain to learn about the impact of gentrification on the once cheap and gritty neighbourhoods that fell either side of the Berlin Wall. The tour explains how local people are being affected by the ever-changing city and how social and political organisations are trying to slow down the gentrification process. We will discuss the two main types of immigration and their impact, both positive and negative, on the neighbourhoods. We will take you right back to the design faults of the city in the 19th Century, which led to overcrowding during the industrial revolution, right through to the squatters movements from 1970 to the present day and future plans for the development of the neighbourhoods. The tour will explore how to be aware of negative gentrification and will ensure to give people practical advice about how to protect and nourish local communities and promote local initiatives who are already fighting to help the people of Berlin hold on to their city.

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