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Berlin’s Revolutionaries – Tiptoe Travel
February 22, 2018

Berlin’s Revolutionaries

Where to find us



On request


ca. 7 hours

How many

17 people Max

Revolutions have shaped the world we live in today; social, political, scientific and sexual revolutions are what define the world we live in. Revolutions can bring about positive change or destroy human progress and lead to catastrophe; the people behind the revolutions will be framed in our history books as either heroes or villains.
This tour takes a look back at Berlin’s revolutions and the people that influenced and led them. We discuss every revolution, from the obvious 1989 revolution and the National Socialist uprising to the more obscure ‘potato revolution’ and the refugee rights occupy movement of 2012-2014. The tour will take you to areas of the city you may never have been to, or even have heard of and throughout the course of the day you will learn how revolutionaries lived, worked and eventually changed history in one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. The tour is a full day, immersive experience; including drinking coffee in Karl Marx’s local cafe and hanging out in David Bowie’s favourite bar. The tour will end with a meal in a Syrian restaurant where you will get the opportunity to speak to a Syrian revolutionary in exile.

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